Couples Therapy

Sometimes it takes two.  If some of the challenges in your life revolve around your primary relationship, you may benefit from working with your partner or spouse in therapy.  Couples psychotherapy aims to improve the communication style, quality, and harmony of the relationship whether you are in new relationship or have been together for many years.  This process can help renew the respect and love the couple shares, increase the fun and pleasure the couple experiences, and deepen the intimacy of the relationship. Another goal of couples therapy is for each person to develop new roles in the relationship and to be more fully themselves.

In this type of therapy, the focus is less on the psychology of the two individuals and more on their habitual style and patterns of relating to one another.  The therapist acts as a facilitator in helping the couple better understand their interactions and the forces that may be affecting their relationship. The attention shifts from day-to-day problem solving to improving communication, and to exploring previous experiences of each partner that may be contributing to present-day behaviors.  By exploring and examining the relational interaction the therapist attempts to lead the two individuals into a deeper and a more intimate understanding of how and why they relate to each other the way they do, which in turn fosters more effective communication and a deeper appreciation of one for the other.




"When work is a pleasure, life is a joy. When work is duty, life is slavery." -- Maxim Gorky

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