Family Therapy

Families often come into therapy when there is a breakdown in communication, during a crisis, or in a time of transition. Family therapy can give each person in the family an opportunity to be heard and to work together for the good of the family.  Family members can examine old patterns and establish new roles, rules, and rituals that are more functional.  Sometimes there is a trauma that can happen in a family and it can impact the entire family.  A safe place may be needed to process the shock and move forward in a positive manner.  Other times families have longstanding bad habits or family secrets that can effect the healthy functioning of the family.  Like in couples therapy, the family unit is treated as a whole and the therapy serves the family system in processing losses and dysfunctional behaviors and developing more successful communication patterns and relationships.



"When someone is sunk in mud, he can get out of it only with the help of mud because there is nothing supporting him except mud." -- Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

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