How does Many Gates Healing Arts Center differ from other centers?
What is the philosophy and focus of psychotherapy at Many Gates?
What are the practitioners' theoretical orientations at the center?
Which type of therapy is right for my situation - individual, family, or couples therapy?
What is transpersonal psychology?
What is east-west psychology?
What is insight oriented psychotherapy?
What is drama therapy?
What is sandplay therapy?
What if I am not sure if therapy is for me. Is there a trial session?
What can I do to prepare for my first session?
How do you protect my confidentiality?
Do the clinicians at Many Gates take insurance?
Will Many Gates help me get reimbursed by my insurance company if I choose to use my out-of-network benefits?
Do I have payment options?
Is there a sliding scale?
Under what circumstances do children or adolescents need therapy?
How long will we need to come?
What is solution focused brief therapy and do we utilize it at Many Gates?
What is the centerís belief on medications?
How do I get more information about Many Gates?

"It is not birds that speak, but men learn silence." -- Kathleen Raine

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