Many Gates

At Many Gates Healing Arts Center, we serve as the guide or guardian along the path. Although we follow the client's lead, we bring with us tools and our own expertise to assist in passing through the gates and making choices along the way.  We have found it helpful to imagine eight gates that represent a multifaceted approach to assist in integrating different aspects of ourselves and our psyches.  These gates may come in different orders for different individuals and not all of them need to be explored in any given circumstance.

1st Gate: Crisis Intervention and Stabilization
2nd Gate: Integration of Resources
3rd Gate: Verbal Psychotherapy
4th Gate: Creative Experiential Therapies
5th Gate: Meditation and Mindfulness
6th Gate: Spirituality
7th Gate: Self-Actualization
8th Gate: Independent Study



"Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? I don't care. Catch it. I need its eggs to make my omelette." -- Joseph Stalin

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