Here are a some statements of gratitude that our clients and their familes have shared with us:

"I want to thank you for your belief in me and for helping me in some very dark moments.  I am very grateful and ready to get back to meaningful work."  -CEO

"I wanted to let you know how helpful I found our session.  It was good to be in an environment where I felt so understood.  -Professor

"Good meeting...thanks for all you do...and are."  -Spouse of a client

"I am so grateful for your strong efforts in helping me through the process of reaching my goals.  It is not so often you can easily connect with someone and have a strong sense of trust right from the beginning.  Your supervision has helped me begin a new future for myself.  -Supervisee

"This is rare to find a genuine therapist like you who will do just about anything to help their clients.  The clients you work with are very lucky to have you as their therapist.  You genuinely care about people and go over and beyond to reach out in any way you can find possible.  Thanks so much for your help."  -Medical Director

"Thanks for being there.  I think the world of you and would pass your name on to anyone who needs help."  -Parent of a client

"Our work together is still so helpful to me.  The last mandala pictures are up on my bulletin board and they bring me comfort and hope.  My art therapy pieces continue to guide, nourish and inspire me!  Thank you for all your pastm, current and future support."  -Artist

"And thanks for today.  I feel empowered when I leave our sessions.  I think I am pretty different from when we first met."  -College Student

"Thank you for your patience and good humor!"  -Mother of Three

"Thanks for being flexible and willing to use a variety of approaches to address a need, for being an interested and present listener, for remembering things that I have forgotten, for being genuinely kind and caring, and for being so respectful and considerate."  -Teacher

"I want you to know how happy I am that I found you.  Thank you for working with me and sharing your passion for service.  I look forward to our journey together."  -Executive

"Thank you also for your soft and loving support.  I just wanted to tell you how generative our work has been for me.  I am grateful for our relationship and for how clearly you see me."  -Entrepreneur

"I have finally fulfilled my dream to study abroad and get to know my family!  Thank you so much for helping me realize how great life can be - without you - who knows where I would be."  -College Graduate

"Thank you so much for everything you have blessed me with and the confidence and passion that I have today.  You were the greatest impact that anyone had on my life and I will never forget that.  You have seen me in my worst and my best and always had faith in me and I really admire that."  -High School Student

"Since you have been in my bank of fond memories for your support and helpfulness, I thought I would drop this note to express my gratitude to you.  Your support and understanding care have been very much appreciated."  -Senator


"The only medicine for suffering, crime, and all the other woes of mankind is wisdom. " -- Thomas H. Huxley

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