Self Help Tools

The willingness to recognize and become aware of your situation is the first step to healing and bringing more joy and balance into your life.  At Many Gates Healing Arts Center we are committed to assisting in education, assessment, treatment, and prevention of psychological and psychiatric issues, addictions, as well as alleviating suffering caused by dissatisfaction with life, family, and work related stressors.  

We also recognize that sometimes the first step is to ask yourself some questions in the comfort of your own space and in your own time in order for you to identify what are the key issues that you may need some further professional advice on.  For instance you might be asking yourself such questions as, "Am I depressed or anxious?  Do I have a problem with drugs or alcohol?  Does someone in my family have an issue with substance abuse?  Am I as satisfied with my life as I could be?. How do I begin to identify what is going on for me?"

Thus, here are a few self-evaluation screenings that we have found can be helpful in assessing your needs.  Please keep in mind that these self-evaluation tools do not replace formal medical, psychiatric, or psychological evaluations.  We encourage you to seek assessment from a trained professional or call us for an appointment at 1 (800) 760 5654 to further evaluate your needs.

Depression Inventory:
Anxiety Inventory:
Self-Evaluation for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse:
Work-Life Balance Survey:

"The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance." -- Socrates

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